Between Series Collage Image

This series focuses on liminal moments – moments between one action and the next. In each piece, evidence of recent human activity is obvious and now the scene waits, poised for the next moment of interaction.

These six paintings are interrelated, but also stand alone. 

Each piece gives the viewer a liminal moment’s peek into scenes without context.

If you look closely, there are elements and details scattered across the set that relate one canvas to another.  Viewers can construct their own individual version of how the pieces fit together.

What is the connection?

Are all pieces from one story?

What order are the scenes occurring?

Do they revolve around a singular or multiple characters?

This plays on humans’ natural inclination to insert themselves into artwork and unconsciously construct a narrative. We seek to make connections, and these connections relate to our own stories and experiences.


Click here to view Phone Original Painting

Phone Painting


Click here to view Tavern Original Painting

Tavern Painting


Click here to view Makeup Original Painting

Makeup Painting


Click here to view Soap Original Painting

Soap Painting


Click here to view Heels Original Painting

Heels Painting

 Burger Joint

Click here to view Burger Joint Original Painting

Burger Joint Painting



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