Frequently Asked Questions

Is your glassware durable?

Yes, they’re extremely durable and are perfect for putting on display or for daily use.  In fact, we think our designs are a bit like a tattoo for your glass

Are they safe to drink out of?

Absolutely.  The paint is all on the outside of the glass, and there’s clearance around the rim so your mouth never touches the paint. Plus we use the most non-toxic paint available.  

Will the design wash or rub off?

You’d have to try pretty hard. Every design is heat-set and slow cooled to bond the design to the glass.

How do I wash my Janelle Patterson Art glassware?  

We recommend hand washing, but have customers who have always ran everything through the dishwasher with no problems.

What’s your return policy?

We have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you (or the person you gave it to) doesn’t love it, send it back for a full refund, no questions asked. 

How did you get the design on the inside of the glass?

It’s a process, but well worth it. The part of the design you see on the inside of the glass is painted first, allowed to dry, and then additional layers are painted over it.  This is how we’re able to get the inside of our Daisy glassware to look like the inside of a flower. 

How long does it take to paint each piece?

It varies depending on the design and the number that get painted in a batch, but it’s typically 3-4 days between when the first brush stroke goes on and when a piece is ready to ship.

Are these made overseas?

Nope – they’re painted in the Midwest by the artist, designer and founder of the company, Janelle Patterson.  I prefer to refer to her as a full time mom, part time artist (and my wife).

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