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So heads up, this is Jay Patterson.  What about Janelle, you ask?

Well, Janelle is my amazing wife, and recently she said, “I hate dealing with all the sales and marketing stuff.  I just want to come up with new designs and paint them, and not have to deal with Facebook and websites, and all that stuff. I just want to paint!”

This was the moment I’ve been hoping for over the last three years of watching Janelle run this business... I was quick to inform her that the parts she said she hates are the parts I love – especially since my day job is marketing. (who would have thunk it?)

So it was agreed and sealed with a pinky swear – she’d design and paint, and I’d handle the icky website and sales stuff. Especially since I sure can’t paint or draw or sing.  

The biggest reason why I’m thrilled about jumping in the sales and marketing roll is that Janelle is a really humble person, and hesitates to talk herself up – even to the point of not being totally truthful

You see, normally when she bumps into someone she hasn’t seen for a long time they ask what she’s doing these days, and what she says is the truth, but not the whole truth…  

She always says, “Staying home with the kids.”

She sometimes mentions leading adults through paintings at a local sip and paint. 

But she never, ever mentions that she’s running a small but successful art business.

Never mentions that that she designs and hand paints totally unique and stunning wine glasses, mugs, Christmas ornaments, and a variety of other things. 

Never mentions that her small, but extremely loyal group of customers continue to come back to her nearly every time they need to come up for a gift for someone. 

And I’ve tried to coach her on the quick, snappy things to say. Like, “full time mom, part time artist.” Or “Mom, entrepreneur, artist” (okay – maybe that’s a bit over the top, but that’s the downfall of being a marketer).  

But that’s how humble Janelle is – too humble to tell the truth (like most of us, I know...)

So, that’s why you’re hearing from Jay instead of Janelle here, and why you’ll be hearing from me on our blog and in our newsletter (more on that in a minute), since those are gross marketing things, and about as far away from designing and painting as it gets.  

Well, according to standard marketing “best practices,” I’ve hit about length limit for an About Us page.  This is the point where you’re supposed to get that glazed over look and reflexively close the window and go back to get your social media fix.

So I’m supposed to end this in the next 20 words or you’re gone…

But we’re not going to follow the best practices or standards here. I have to do that in my day job, but here, for you, I’m planning on going outside the lines a little bit (ok, a lot).

I’m not planning on droning on with the same ‘buy our stuff’, ‘look how great we are’ typical junk that the internet and your inbox is full of. 

I want to write what you want to read. And you know what? Janelle wants to paint what you want to buy.  We have a solid collection of designs built up, but we’re always looking for new ideas for designs. And some of our best design ideas have come from our customers (how many sales/marketing guys will you hear that from)?

So let me ask – do you want to continue the conversation, hear more about Janelle’s fabulous wine glasses (and her fabulousness in general), keep in touch and see where this crazy adventure leads us?

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Like Janelle’s go-to recipe for two ingredient, less than $5 pumpkin muffins (you can make them of the chocolate persuasion too).  We'll be sharing some décor ideas, and a few other random things we think are worth sharing. After all, what are friends for?   

And we’d love to know if there’s anything else you’d be interested in hearing about.

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Thanks, and we look forward to getting to know you!

Jay (and Janelle) Patterson