Tattoo for Your Glass

This is a bold claim right?  Here’s why we say this – and you can decide if we’re going too far….

This is completely different from other decorated glassware you’ve had where the design comes off or it feels like a display piece that isn’t made to be used. 

Janelle Patterson Art wine glasses and other drinkware are functional artworks that are beautiful and elegant, but tough as nails (just like you, right?).

And they can be put on display or used day-in and day-out for years (or both, if you prefer).

It starts with restaurant-grade glassware designed for heavy use.

Then the design is hand painted, layer by layer (which is why most designs have a bonus design on the inside of the glass.

Finally, they’re baked for an hour and slow cooled to bond the design to the glass. 

Be careful if you see glassware that mentions the words ‘vinyl’, which is essentially a sticker.  Or acrylic (this is a fancy word for plastic). And hand blown glass, while it may feel refined, it (doesn’t stand up to heat setting designs on). Most of these types of glasses are strictly hand wash only.

Janelle Patterson Art glassware is hand wash recommended but some of our customers run everything through a dishwasher with no issues. 

So does starting with rugged but refined glassware, and heat setting intricate and striking designs to the glass earn Janelle Patterson Art the right to be called a "tattoo for your glass"?

We certainly think so, and we're confident you'll agree - which is why have the Janelle Patterson Art 100% Satisfaction Guarantee


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