Flamingo Design Line Expansion

Flamingo Hand Painted Wine Glass

Hi there! 

Janelle and I wanted to share with you a chat we had about the expanding one of our most popular wine glass designs – the flamingo – onto every type of glass piece we use.


Jay: Tell us a little about the new Flamingo glasses you painted.

Janelle: The Flamingo wine glasses are one of our earlier designs. They’re fun, light, and they fit the shape of a wine glass. The idea was, of course, yours. I just made it happen – so credit where credit is due!

Since the shape of a flamingo matches the shape of the glass, we left it as just that, because it fit so specifically to a wine glass. It’s actually the only one I still paint on our original style of wine glasses. I now buy those glasses specifically for that design, and don’t use that glass for any other design. They have a taller stem and a shorter goblet. And we’ll keep it that way since it fits – longer legs need a longer stem.

Flamingo Hand Painted Pint Glass 

Now that we’ve gotten into expanding lines that we’ve decided to keep for this year, we decided to do the same with the flamingos.

Jay: What adjustments did you make to fit it to the different pieces?

Janelle: To make it fit the other glasses, we had to crop it differently, so it has shorter legs, as far as what you can see. They’re all standing in the water, so it’s the same design, but since you can see around the back of the glass differently, there are now a few more flamingos on each piece. So 2-3 others in the flock are in the back – the design is now completely three dimensional – as you wrap around, and look at the backside, you see some other flamingos hanging out. There are clouds in the background and they’re in a little flamingo setting, so now you can have a whole flock of flamingo glasses that have little flocks on them.

They’re all the same colors as the originals, so they’re more versatile now.

I’m excited to have this design on a lot more pieces.

Jay: What pieces are new for this design?

Janelle: They’re on mugs, stemless glasses, pint glasses, and pitchers. I’d be happy to put them on a cookie jar, someone just has to ask me for it….

Flamingo Hand Painted Pitcher, Wine Glass, Pint, and Mug

And I can always adapt designs to additional pieces if that’s what someone wants. Not every design converts to every piece – pint glasses don’t work for the “flower in the bottom” designs, like the Red Daisy or the Sunflower – if someone wanted that, I could change the design up significantly. The design would be on the sides, more like the Spring Daisy pitcher. We’d basically revamp the design to fit the taller, straighter sides.

We’re trying to get all our current designs crossed over to each piece where it’s appropriate. Anything can be adapted, but I don’t cross it over if it’s going to depart too much from the original.

Jay: And other thoughts on the flamingo?

Janelle: It’s just fun. I know I say that a lot, but that’s what I like doing – fun designs, light and happy stuff.

Things that feel joyful. Moments that make you smile kind of things. I love flamingos. They’re all over Daisy’s room (our daughter). I’ve had lots of practice at what flamingos look like in various stances and sizes.

These are basically life size on her wall.

This collection is definitely very summery and light. Beachy without the sand.



Thank you so much for learning about what we do and how we do it!

Just click the links below for pricing or more information about each piece in this collection.


Flamingo Wine Glass

Flamingo Stemless Wine Glass

Flamingo Pint Glass

Flamingo Mug

Flamingo Pitcher



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