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Holiday Gift Guide

Let's face it... It's tough to find memorable gifts.  Sure there are tons of options, but what's really going to stand out and turn 'thanks...' into 'WOW!'  That's what we're going for right?  So you can read another generic list of 'gifts for...' mom, sister, dad, first Christmas, or whatever and keep looking over the same mass-produced fad items... Instead, how about something totally unique - hand painted glassware.  Each and every brush stroke is done by me (Janelle Patterson) and I have tons of stock designs and love doing 100% custom pieces.  Everything is durable and designed to be used - full details are on the product pages.  Here are a few gift ideas for you...don't hesitate to contact me with...

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Flamingo Design Line Expansion

Hi there!  Janelle and I wanted to share with you a chat we had about the expanding one of our most popular wine glass designs – the flamingo – onto every type of glass piece we use.  *** Jay: Tell us a little about the new Flamingo glasses you painted. Janelle: The Flamingo wine glasses are one of our earlier designs. They’re fun, light, and they fit the shape of a wine glass. The idea was, of course, yours. I just made it happen – so credit where credit is due! Since the shape of a flamingo matches the shape of the glass, we left it as just that, because it fit so specifically to a wine glass. It’s actually...

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Music Note Collection Expansion

  Hi there! Janelle took her Music Note design and worked it into all of our glass pieces. Here’s a little background on this design, and what makes it unique (even among Janelle’s other works). *** Jay: Tell us about this design and how you’ve expanded the line. Janelle: We’ve now moved the Music Note design onto every piece we have available – previously it was available as wine glass and a mug – now you can also get it on stemless wine glasses, pints, and a matching pitcher. We will also do this design as a cookie jar on request. Jay: What do you like about this design? Janelle: I like the high contrast lines, and it has a...

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Hand Painted Tree of Life Glassware

   Hi there! Check out Janelle’s thoughts on her newest and favorite design, the Tree of Life…   ***   Jay: Let’s talk about your new Tree of Life Design. Janelle: The Tree of Life design, and I know I say this a lot, but honest to goodness, this is my favorite design I’ve done so far; I absolutely love this glass, so much so that I’m going to keep this first one that I’ve painted. And I’ve never done that with any of the glasses I’ve painted so far. I’m hanging onto this one, I like it that much. It fits my personality and style really well, and it has some new and different things going on with it that...

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Certificate of Authenticity

If you’re using a piece of Janelle Patterson Art glassware as you’re reading this, finish your drink real quick and look at the bottom. There you’ll find Janelle’s signature and the piece’s year of creation. Janelle does that because it truly is a piece of art – a functional piece of art, but art nonetheless. Because of the quality, uniqueness, attention that goes into these – especially compared to everything else on the market – we expect them to become collectibles. That’s why we’re issuing a Certificate of Authenticity for each individual piece moving forward (think Adoption Certificates for Cabbage Patch Dolls. Or having a rare beanie baby when they went crazy in the 90’s). We’re also going to be...

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