Holiday Gift Guide

Let's face it...
It's tough to find memorable gifts. 
Sure there are tons of options, but what's really going to stand out and turn 'thanks...' into 'WOW!' 
That's what we're going for right? 
So you can read another generic list of 'gifts for...' mom, sister, dad, first Christmas, or whatever and keep looking over the same mass-produced fad items...
Instead, how about something totally unique - hand painted glassware. 
Each and every brush stroke is done by me (Janelle Patterson) and I have tons of stock designs and love doing 100% custom pieces. 
Everything is durable and designed to be used - full details are on the product pages. 
Here are a few gift ideas for you...don't hesitate to contact me with any questions on our Contact Us page or you can message me through Facebook. 


Holiday Collection

Talk about a conversation starter! 

From elegant to whimsical, there's something for everyone's celebration style in this collection. 

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Custom Glassware and Ornaments

This is truly the gift for the person who has everything! 
For custom pieces, I take the time to find out who your piece is for, what colors, elements, text, etc. you want to include and create a design you'll love! 
I've done everything from woodland fairy cats, pets, baby's first Christmas ornaments and more. 
Click the button for some inspiration and details on pricing. 

Custom Piggy Banks

These make great new baby gifts, or for older kids as well. 
Because of their unique nature, all my piggy banks are 100% custom - I create a design with the kiddo's name and interests, the color of their nursery, or whatever other brilliant idea comes into your mind. 
Just give me an idea, and I promise I'll run with it. (In fact, that's my favorite part!) 

Gifts for Him 

Most of my designs are pretty girly, but I still have a few things for the guys...and of course, any of these designs can be tweaked or completely  customized. 


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Matched Sets 

I also create matched sets of most of my glassware designs, so you can serve from a matching pitcher or have a full set of glasses and mugs.  

Inquire for pricing.


Here's where it all started...with Warhol-style architectural portraits, which is a style I developed while getting my Masters in Art Education. 
These are mostly from Springfield, Missouri. but I'm always looking for the next subject for this series. 
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