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Tree of Life Hand Painted Stemless Wine Glass


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Check out Janelle’s thoughts on her newest and favorite design, the Tree of Life…




Jay: Let’s talk about your new Tree of Life Design.

Janelle: The Tree of Life design, and I know I say this a lot, but honest to goodness, this is my favorite design I’ve done so far; I absolutely love this glass, so much so that I’m going to keep this first one that I’ve painted. And I’ve never done that with any of the glasses I’ve painted so far.

I’m hanging onto this one, I like it that much.

It fits my personality and style really well, and it has some new and different things going on with it that I’m really happy with process-wise.

Jay: Does the Tree of Life design have any significance to you?

Janelle: One reason this design re-surfaced was a talk I heard at a women’s retreat about being rooted. It was about really being rooted in the Lord and everything that is able to grow out from that, and you know you can’t have healthy branches without a healthy root system. With a healthy, strong root system, your tree (being you) is able to withstand adversity. Trees can get large, but have a poor root system, and that’s when they topple. But you can stand and have good fruit by being well rooted in the Lord.

That’s why this design came back – I was thinking about it at that retreat, and I started wondering if I could re-do it.

Jay: When did you first use this design?


Janelle: I originally used it for teaching a wine glass painting class; it was the first glass design I came up with. It was one I never intended to paint and sell. I was going to keep it as an easy piece for painting as a class, no big deal.

Jay: So, this was your very first design. After painting probably 1,000 glasses since then, how did you change this design?

Janelle: So instead of trying to utilize the paints I do for the tree – the basic glass acrylics – I’ve gone to trying to use Pebeo paints for the background, so we can have a really loose, different finish, which is also really tough.

I thought this might be one we could switch from the regular acrylics – which are challenging to get the fade on quick enough to not take your background off – to maybe using these really loose paints. I did a test between a glossy and frosted finish, and ended up settling on the frosted finish because it was a very soft, sky-feeling design. So I’m really happy with the background.

Jay: What do you like most about this design?

Tree of Life Hand Painted Wine Glass and Stemless Wine Glass

Janelle: They kind of look like hippie Easter eggs when you’re painting them!  

They’re gorgeous. I love the way the light comes through them, whether it’s lamplight or daylight, because they glow through this paint. I’ve been very happy with using the frosted finish.

I also like the color fade from the purpley kind of fade into the pink, into an orange before you hit the yellow – a really nice lemony, sun-shiny yellow color.

It’s a really nice earthy design with the tree and roots in the same proportions. In this design, as opposed to the original, it has leaves.

The original was a fall tree without the leaves, and I really like having a little bit more foliage; it’s a little more leafy, and spring looking.

And I love the warm highlights on the tree. It’s a slightly warmer tone. It’s a light yellow. Catching a little bit of light in the design. I love doing the dark silhouette against the bright background with a little bit of highlight over it.

I love this design. It’s very eye catching…I’m not going to say fun, because I always say that…

It’s a design that’s going to draw your eye to it, because you get almost a tie-dyed kind of background to it.

It stands on its own.

Jay: What pieces will you put this design on?

Tree of Life Hand Painted Pint Glass

Janelle: This line will have every piece –pints, pitchers, stemless wine glasses, mugs, and regular wine glasses.



Thank you so much for learning about what we do and how we do it!

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