Music Note Collection Expansion

Music Note Hand Painted Glassware by Janelle Patterson Art


Hi there!

Janelle took her Music Note design and worked it into all of our glass pieces.

Here’s a little background on this design, and what makes it unique (even among Janelle’s other works).


Jay: Tell us about this design and how you’ve expanded the line.

Janelle: We’ve now moved the Music Note design onto every piece we have available – previously it was available as wine glass and a mug – now you can also get it on stemless wine glasses, pints, and a matching pitcher. We will also do this design as a cookie jar on request.

Jay: What do you like about this design?

Janelle: I like the high contrast lines, and it has a kind of a cartoony feel, but not a lot of softness to it. It’s bold, the notes, highlights and shadows, the red and black…they’re very sharp looking, as opposed to being a more fluffy design like some of my other pieces.

I like also music, and I play piano, so it wasn’t hard coming up with the notes.

Jay: What notes are on there?

Music Note Hand Painted Stemless Wine Glasses by Janelle Patterson Art

Janelle: I have been trying to get them all consistent, and using the same note pattern each time. Each different piece, like the wine glass, the pint, they all have the same set of notes. Bigger pieces like the pitcher have an expanded set of notes.

It starts with a quarter note, whole note, eight notes, and it kind of moves around. Some of the ones with more room have a bird’s eye, they have the railroad tracks, and the areas with the red have more notes and symbols in them. Flat, sharp, natural…a triplet where there was room.

I did get away from the 1/16 notes – they’re so tiny. There’s a few, but you won’t see them everywhere.

I like the Music Note pieces a lot.

I don’t always like creating them, because of the number of coats, but I always like how they look when they’re done.

Jay: How many coats do you put on them?

Janelle: It’s a solid three coats, but I can do less on each coat. The first coat goes on pretty quick – it’s getting the shape on. The second has to be a full coat to really fill in the color. The third coat is to touch up coat where you can still see through the black. It goes on the fastest, but it’s a full three coats for the black.

For the red, it takes a full three coats as well to get it solid enough, especially on the mug handles. It’s the only design I’m planning on using a painted handle on.

Jay: Why is that?

Music Note Hand Painted Glass Mug

Janelle: Just for the wear and tear. Not to mention, it’s tough to paint all these tiny notes with highlights and shadows on the curve.

I love the way it looks, but that’s why you don’t see the pitcher matching with the painted handle. It’s held up and everything, it’s just a concern point for me from a durability standpoint…it’s just going to get more wear and tear than any other part of the glass across any of the other designs.

The cookie jars do have a handle design, but you don’t sit and hold your cookie jar lid.

That’s the part you touch the most, so I feel like over time, it could be harder on the paint then what I’d like to see. I could be wrong, it hasn’t been a problem.

And I’ve been able to move the red around on the other pieces.

The exception to that are the stems on wine glasses. Lots of stems are painted, but it’s a little different. I feel like mugs take more use than a wine glass…depending on your lifestyle, I guess!  

Jay: Any other thoughts on the Music Note line?

Janelle: I just think they’re fun!

I wanted something that was light and casual, but it’s an eye catching design. Anybody is going to notice it, as far as a piece to have out or to use for company, and it’s conducive to a lot of different groups and settings.

For example, the Flamingos are more girly – a lot of my designs are more girly – where this one is a little more gender neutral, at least for my stuff.


Thank you so much for learning about what we do and how we do it!

Just click the links below for pricing or more information about each piece in this collection.


Music Note Wine Glass

Music Note Stemless Wine Glass

Music Note Pint Glass

Music Note Mug

Music Note Pitcher



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  • Jennifer Hudson

    At Christmas my daughter (16) wanted a “tea mug” because she loves her hot tea. She’s in choir and LOVEs music.. I had to find the perfect mug. I was SO happy when I found this amazing music note mug!! My daughter loves her mug and uses it every single day. She absolutely loved (loves!) it. I was a little nervous because I didn’t know what to expect – but not only was the quality & design amazing, the customer service and communication were and still are outstanding! Thank you Jay & Janelle! You are amazing and I’m so happy to have found you! I’ll be back for more! :)

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